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The product was successfully put into production
After three years of research and development, the world's first chicken sex intelligent identification machine was officially put into commercial production, marking the official entry of the company's first smart device into the market.
Determine the development strategy
Company mission: Empowering Machine Vision with Artificial Intelligence.
Taking smart agriculture as the starting point, integrating industrial vision and animal husbandry to help industrial upgrading.
Early stage of development
In early April, Officially settled in Tongji Science and Technology Park.
In May, the seventh place in the artificial intelligence global competition of the Expo started the research work on industrial intelligence.
Company Establishment
Established in the United States, focusing on industrial testing projects in the early stage.
Development Path
Team Advantage
Corporate Philosophy
Team Advantage

The founding team has rich experience in the industry, with an average age of 30 years old. They are the first batch of big data and artificial intelligence graduates with master's and doctoral degrees in the United States. They have worked for Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Cisco, Mining Vision, JPMorgan and other companies.  Guided by customer needs, the company constructs complete solutions for customers, solves practical difficulties faced by customers, and provides customers with excellent products and services.  With a professional team, strict management, and excellent equipment, the company strives to build the "XIASHU" brand.

Corporate Philosophy

Carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit, dedicate more high-quality products and services through continuous innovation, and share prosperity with customers; actively practice social responsibility

Company Mission: Empower Smart Agriculture with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Technology.

Company Vision: Taking artificial intelligence technology as the starting point, integrating industrial vision and animal husbandry to help upgrade the industry; rooting artificial intelligence technology in the land of China, and using science and technology to help the development of China's animal husbandry industry.

Address/地址: Yangpu District, Shanghai,China