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Chick Sex Intelligent Identification Machine

规格 (W*D*H)1091X988X1112mm
重量 100KG
电源 AC200-240V,50/60HZ
功率 120W
显示器 4.3 inches, with touch screen function
操作系统 Linux
相机 500W HD camera
Product Details

The chicken sex intelligent identification machine is independently developed and produced by Xiashu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Compared with the traditional manual identification method, the chick sex intelligent identification machine has high accuracy, high production efficiency, long working time, applicable to various types of chickens, and low operation requirements. It is the only commercial male-female identification machine for day-old chickens in China and even in the world.


The chick sex intelligent identification machine takes pictures of camera . Chick sex is determined by anartificial intelligence algorithm , and the whole process takes less than 3 seconds .

The sensors automatically perceive and take pictures for identification after the operator turns the vent of the chick out and places it at the detection region . Sensors make no contact with chick throughou

the process . After detection , the operator only needs to let go of chicks , and the machine will automatically sort and transfer male and female chicks.

Main technical features:

1. Based on artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm, the accuracy rate is as high as 98%

2. High production efficiency, 1200 pieces per hour for skilled hands

3. The operation time is long, and the machine can be used 24 hours a day

4. It is suitable for all kinds of chickens (including white-feathered broilers, layers, yellow

feather broilers, and variegated broilers), and a set of machine is suitable for a long time

5. Low operating requirements, ordinary workers can operate, no special requirements for eyesight and age, and the assembly line can be customized

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