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Exchange and Cooperation with the Poultry Research Institute of CAAS

Issuing time:2023-02-08 15:07Author:夏数科技

On February 4, 2023, Mr. Li Shangmin, director of the Key Laboratory of Environmental Pollution of the Poultry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and his party came to the Institute for cooperation and exchanges.

At the exchange meeting, Mr. Cai Bowen from the Institute of Agriculture introduced the basic situation, main research directions, research progress, and later work priorities of the Institute of Agriculture of Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, Tsinghua University to the participants. Teacher Cai introduced in detail the equipment,industry and market oriented operation of agricultural intelligence. Teacher Li Shangmin also gave a brief introduction to the situation of the Poultry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Mr. Li Shangmin raised questions about agricultural standardization and agricultural intelligent equipment, and Mr. Cai and Mr. Wang Dan from the Institute of Agriculture gave detailed answers one by one.   In addition, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as large-scale straw treatment, identification of different breeds of chickens and corresponding treatment methods, methods and content of serving growers, water treatment and water technology, and carried out key exchanges.

This exchange has enhanced the understanding between the two parties and enhanced the collaboration between the institutes.   The two sides will deepen cooperation on the basis of existing projects, promote development, go hand in hand, and win the future together.

Address/地址: Yangpu District, Shanghai,China