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Farm Inspection Robot

Product Details

The application of farm inspection robots can effectively overcome the limitations of high labor intensity, low efficiency, and frequent missed inspections of manual inspections. It is not affected by the environment, has a wide range of inspections, reduces labor intensity, improves work efficiency, and improves inspection   Check the quality and help realize the intelligence of the working scene.   At the same time, it meets the three requirements of timeliness, epidemic prevention and growth.

Main technical features:

1. Image weight estimation: Robots are used to automatically inspect the farms, and artificial intelligence algorithms are used to intelligently estimate the weight of poultry every day.

2. Epidemic monitoring: Through the analysis of multiple signal sources such as feces and poultry calls, it can be judged whether there are multiple poultry infectious diseases such as gastroenteritis and upper respiratory tract infection; at the same time, automatic adjustment of food is provided.

3. Adjust the temperature: judge the body temperature through the poultry posture and wind speed detection module, and adjust the ambient temperature reasonably in combination with the chicken farm's intelligent Internet of Things equipment (not this equipment)

4. Dead poultry positioning: During the automatic inspection and inspection process, it detects and predicts sick chickens and dead chickens, and performs positioning and early warning functions, and feeds back to the farm staff through the APP program for processing.

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